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Handling Cans - Bench Cans

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • Easy means of cleaning small parts in solvents
  • Simply place work on spring loaded, perforated dasher plate, press down, agitate, then release to return dasher to drain position
  • Plated steel dasher also works as an effective flame arrester to reduce the risk of fire flashback
  • Hinged cover minimizes evaporation losses & protected rim reduces the possibility of hand injury
From £59.35 excl VAT

Handling Cans - Dip Tanks

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • For cleaning parts & sub-assemblies where the volume of work does not warrant a larger rinse tank
  • Dip tank covers stay open for convenient access; self-closing mechanism & fusible link metals at 74°C to snap the cover shut in case of fire
From £104.35 excl VAT

Handling Cans - Dispensing Bottles

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • Heavy duty polyethylene Dispenser Cans are used to dispense liquids directly on to work single handed
  • The brass valves are self closing & leak proof
  • The body of the bottle is contoured & textured to aid grip
From £42.70 excl VAT

Handling Cans - Liquid Disposal Safety Cans

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • High density polyethylene disposal cans provide superior chemical resistance & leak protection
  • Spring loaded sealed cap, normally closed, automatically vents between 3 & 5 psig (0.2 & 0.35 bar)
  • Stainless steel handle & hardware with latch-catch system hold the cap in the open position for easy filling & pouring
  • Large mouth opening features a built-in stainless steel flame arrester to guard against outside ignition
  • Current carrying, patented carbon insert embedded in the container allows for proper grounding
  • Broad base design provides stability & resists accidental tip over
From £251.00 excl VAT

Handling Cans - Plunger Cans

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • Manufactured from chemically resistant Ryton & Brass
  • Used to safely moisten wipes, cleaning wipes etc. with solvent
  • Any surplus solvent drains back into the can
From £66.00 excl VAT

Handling Cans - Polyethylene Cans

  • FM & TUV/GS Approved
  • Resistant to tough acids & corrosives as well as heat
  • Self close lid, pressure relief mechanism & dual density flame arrester
From £106.00 excl VAT
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